3 of the Strangest Things to Ever Be Couriered

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Couriers the world over have a huge responsibility when it comes to getting prized possessions to their rightful endpoint in one piece, so our hats go off to you! Sometimes there are unexpected incidents that can happen, hence the need for courier insurance for vans, but sometimes things just get downright weird.

In the US, there is a competition for people to try their hand at sending the weirdest things that they can in the mail. Last year’s winner of Ripley’s Strange Mail sent a tree stump with a horse shoe embedded.

Even without the promise of a trophy at the end, there are some bizarre things that get sent in the mail. Here are some of the weirdest things we’ve come across.

Monkey toy iStock_000003823391_Small

A Terrifying Toy

As part of a social experiment, the cheeky people behind Improbable Research sent a range of bizarre items through the mail to see whether they would be delivered. Among their attempts to send a balloon, molar, and a street sign, our favourite was a monkey-in-a-box toy.

Every time it was shaken, it would shout, “Let me out of here! Help! Let me out of here!” Paired with the fact it was addressed to LITTLE JOHNNIE, we thought this was pretty ridiculous.

A Building

What is believed to be the biggest thing to ever be posted through the mail, a building was posted through the US Postal Service. That’s right; someone sent a building through the post, albeit brick by brick.

W H Coltharp was entrusted with building a bank in Utah, but only wanted the best bricks available. Instead of paying four times the cost to have the bricks shipped by wagon freight from Salt Lake City, he arranged for them to be sent in 50-pound packages through the post.

Coltharp received all of his bricks, but legislation was swiftly changed because, as the Postmaster put it, “it is not the intent of the United States Postal Service that buildings be shipped through the mail.”

close up of rustic traditional british shepard pie

Not-So-Fast Food

A little bit closer to home, one woman tried to ship her son a hot shepherd’s pie more than 450 miles across the UK. That’s potentially the longest takeaway route we’ve ever heard of!

So there you have it, a few of the weirdest things to have ever been sent in the mail. If you’re going to be shipping packages, bizarre or otherwise, you need to ensure that you have the appropriate courier insurance for vans. Get in touch with insureCOURIER to find out how we can help!

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