Are courier insurance quotes as competitive on leased vehicles?

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Leased vans and HGV’s are becoming a lot more popular with self employed courier drivers and courier companies.

The main reason for this is that the economic downturn has meant that cash-flow is king and therefore the option of buying a new vehicle and carrying this on your balance sheet is not preferable. Its more beneficial to pay a monthly cost that you can budget for, and then simply give back the vehicle at the end of the lease.

It may cost more over 3 years this way, but cash-flow and risk are minimised this way.

So – how does this affect your courier insurance policy? We at Insure Courier  get asked this a lot by couriers who are thinking of leasing their next vehicle but are worried about their courier insurance premiums.

Most of the commericial insurance companies that insure our courier clients do not charge extra if the vehciles is leased rather than being the registered owner / keeper. As we have seen the leasing trend grow dramatically in recent years, we have been careful to make sure we have a large panel of underwriters who both insure leased vehicles and don’t charge extra for doing so!

Insure Courier have also included free temporary cover on courier vans as the high mileage of most courier vehicles means that they are in for servicing & maintenance on regular occasions and therefore insurance is required on temporary courier vehicles. Most of the time, this is at no extra cost to our clients

For an online courier insurance quote, visit the Insure Courier website or call our courier insurance brokers on 0333 202 3172.

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