Being Under 21: The Implications on Your Courier Insurance

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At insureCOURIER we pride ourselves on providing a high quality service. Whether that’s through offering our cheap courier insurance, or through the provision of our industry-insider, up-to-date blog, we only ever strive for the absolute best; all with the aim of providing you with information to help you get the best out of your cover.

One thing we have noticed when conducting our insurance quotes is just how large of a range the age our customer base spans. One particular age group that is on the increase is the Under 21s. However, there are several implications of being under 21 that impact your courier insurance and can even serve to make it somewhat more pricy than the over 21s. Our team always strive to offer each of our customers the best possible deals with their courier insurance, however what are the factors that impact the overall courier insurance premium?


It goes without saying, but age is a large factor when conducting insurance quotes. With so many new drivers being around 21, there can be something a stigma attached. With 1 in 5 new drivers crashing within the first 6 months of having passed their test, it is little wonder that insurance fees can be unfortunately somewhat larger.

A further statistics indicates that an 18 year old is three times as likely to be involved in an accident as a 48 year old. Equally, because the insurance is also based on your claims history, if you have a claim in your recent history – as these statistics would suggest is likely – then you are looking at a potentially raised cover charge.

Driving Experience

Driving experience is a key factor when establishing your insurance cover. Being under 21, your experience of driving will be very limited compared to someone over the age of 21, therefore you are likely to experience a more expensive insurance premium.

Your Vehicle

The vehicle that you are driving plays a part in the cost of your insurance. As an under 21 year old, if you are supplying your own vehicle, then you aren’t likely to be driving the latest and safest model, equally it is likely to be your first, if not one of your first cars; as such, the reliability and quality may be diminished. When this is the case, the cover goes up.

The key to receiving cheaper insurance is to be a proven safe driver, with a track-record to support it. Unfortunately, this can be somewhat difficult when you are under 21, but your day will come! Besides, our insureCOURIER cover offers a fantastically competitive solution for the under 21 courier driver, so get in touch if you would like to discuss our services with one of our friendly team. You can contact us on 0333 200 1246, where we are always eager to ensure each of our customers receives the best premium possible.

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