Becoming a freelance courier? The benefits of being self-employed…

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While the drawbacks of being self-employed are pretty self-explanatory, our courier insurance team decided to take a look at why the life of a freelance courier could be particularly rewarding.

Here are our top reasons for becoming your own boss;

  • It’s no desk job-you have the freedom to get out of the office and onto the open road meeting a range of clients and business owners in the process.
  • Your earnings-becoming self-employed requires a lot of hard work and motivation. Although you won’t have your boss looking over your shoulder you need to be pushing yourself.   If you’re willing to persevere and build a good reputation for your new courier business there’s no reason you can’t make a realistic income of £300 per day.
  • A drivers job-are you the kind of person who enjoys driving? If so, this type of venture could be perfect for you. Get yourself a comfortable vehicle and put the radio on-you will soon forget your even working! Your job could potentially take you anywhere in the world and if you’re willing to broaden your horizons you could benefit from more lucrative deals.
  • Job satisfaction-working for yourself means you have total control. You can ensure all jobs are completed to your desired standard and subsequently switch off when you go home.   When things are done well you will also reap the benefits personally and there’s no reason you won’t get repeat work!
  • One stop shop insurance-Insure Courier can offer a competitive freelance courier insurance package tailored to the needs of your new business.   As well as your basic courier drivers insurance we can also add goods-in-transit insurance, public liability insurance and employer’s liability insurance.

To find out more Freephone 0333 202 3172. We will be more than happy to answer any questions or provide a no obligation quote.


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