Calling all Lifestyle Couriers! Are you insured?

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The latest trend in the courier world is the rise of Lifestyle Couriers! What are these, you say? To put it simply, these people are normal working people who use their vehicle within their spare time to gain a little extra pocket money by delivering parcels.

As most of us know, it is a lot easier for us to do our shopping online, this means that the demand for delivery drivers has hit an all-time high. We can see this from statistics as the parcel industry is now worth £4.4billion solely in the United Kingdom. Many of us take to the internet to purchase our clothes, shoes, books, electrical gadgets and much more and knowing that we do not need to step out of our house to buy or receive these items means that this is easier for everyone.

Usually, large companies will own a fleet of vans and secure a range of contracts in order to make these deliveries. However, there is now a large increase in these deliveries being made by, lifestyle couriers. These couriers are delivering packages to their local neighbourhoods just a few hours a week and using their personal vehicle meaning that they do not need to pay out for an expensive courier insurance policy.

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However, research has shown that this definitely is not the case. Regardless of whether you are a full time courier driver or a part-time lifestyle courier, you will need a courier insurance policy. By having a courier insurance policy will mean that they are fully covered when delivering their goods on the roads. But, they may want to consider protecting the goods they are transporting as well, which is where our Goods in Transit insurance policies will help. This will give each driver to be covered in the unfortunate event that any of the goods you are transporting become lost, stolen or damaged.

Here at insureCOURIER, we want all drivers to be protected. Otherwise, you face the risk of gaining 6 points on your driving license due to being under-insured, on top of that you may also receive a fine. So make sure you are protected today by checking out our range of courier insurance policies and see what we can do to help you.

To speak to a member of our friendly team, do not hesitate to contact us on; 0333 202 3172 (new customers), or 0333 200 1246 (existing customers)

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