Don’t lose your license & your job this festive period

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We are now well into the festive party season where we acknowledge that there is a temptation for people to drink a little more that they would otherwise.

However, we also know that Christmas is a really busy time for couriers and if you are drinking then under no circumstances should you drive.

In recent weeks there have been a significant number of motorists pulled over by the police and had their license revoked due to drink-driving.  This has included in the early hours of the morning following a celebration as well as immediately after a party.

For couriers and other professional drivers this would mean almost certain dismal from work and difficulty gaining future employment due to the stigma of a criminal conviction and loss of a driving license.

Before you drink and drive, think of the negative impact that a ban would cause on other elements of your life including your job, home and personal finances.

We would just like to remind all of our courier insurance customers of this reality and wish you a safe and Happy Christmas.

Season’s Greetings – InsureCourier

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