Avoidable but surprisingly common causes of breakdown

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Vehicles don’t breakdown as much as they used to but when they do this can be a massive cause of inconvenience. For our business drivers, this can also mean missing appointments and other deadlines.

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Patrols like the ones we work with, are called out to deal with thousands of faults each year and surprisingly more than a third of these are down to reasons that could have been avoided-even if you know nothing about vehicle engines!

Among the top ten were;

  • Lost Keys-most vehicles today have been fitted with a ‘transponder key.’ This helps deter thieves with the use of an electronic chip. It is often difficult to obtain a replacement and even from a dealer, this may take a few days. To avoid inconvenience and embarrassment make sure you have a spare-expensive but worth it!
  • Flat/damaged tyres and wheels- not having the correct tyre pressure or tyres that are worn means they are likely to burst on a journey. These are both very simple things to check but often get neglected. In case you do get stuck always make sure you have a jack and a decent spare wheel available.
  • Fuel! Worringly enough running out of fuel is among the top reasons why people breakdown. Always make sure you fill up before a journey and if your warning light comes on make this a priority.  150,000 drivers each year also put the wrong fuel in their vehicles. (diesel in petrol or vice versa). For business drivers who may be subjected to multiple motor changes this situation may be a little more excusable. If you do get caught out refrain from driving and contact a fuel assistant technician as soon as possible.
  • Flat or faulty battery-at your service check clamps and connections are secure. Terminals should also be cleaned and protected with a layer of grease to avoid corrosion.

More technical things to look out for include problems with starter motors, alternator faults, distributor cap, clutch cables, spark plugs and HT leads.

If you would like more information regarding courier insurance, goods in transit insurance or breakdown cover call one of our experts now on 0333 202 3172.

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