Courier firm implements delivery slots with ‘Route Monkey’

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Our courier insurance team can reveal that leading parcel carrier firm XDP Ltd, is now able to offer accurate delivery and collections times to its customers through the introduction of a device called Route Monkey.

The new scheduling and route optimisation technology has been fully integrated with XDP’s existing software, allowing couriers to predict arrival times more accurately and keep customers more informed.

All 60 members of XDP’s nationwide network have been provided with access to the new tool. Already, couriers working for XDP have seen a reduction in the number of ‘bring backs’ as customers have been more willing to stay at home during the precise delivery windows.

In the past deliveries were much more elusive which at times lead to customers becoming fed up of waiting around for them.  Use of the new technology has therefore improved overall customer service and satisfaction rates.

The Insure Courier team feel that this technology could be a breakthrough in making the lives of couriers and those waiting for parcels easier!

Louis John, managing director of XDP, said: “It is incredibly easy to use and will undoubtedly help us to increase vehicle utilisation while lowering costs.

Are the parcels your delivering covered against loss or damage?

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