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On this page, you can either read the answer OR we have made a series of informative FAQ videos with our expert insurance advisor’s. Each short video explains the answer to each frequently asked question in a clear and easy to understand format, to ensure both new and experienced couriers get the answers they require.

Please click on the links to watch the video of interest.

What is Courier Insurance?

Motor insurance is required by law if you intend to use or leave your vehicle on a public highway. Courier insurance is required if you intend to carry goods for hire or reward. There is sometimes confusion between courier insurance and haulage insurance. Haulage policies are designed for companies that use their van to make a single drop load over a long distance. They are not intended for couriers (who make multiple drops) and if you get caught your insurance will be invalid. Cover can be arranged for all types of policyholders to...
include sole proprietors, courier business partnerships, courier companies where incorporated, charities and other organisations.

Who will my insurance be with?

InsureCOURIER search a wide panel of insurers to find you the best deal for your policy. Our mission is to find you the best deal. Before you buy your policy, our online quote service will allow us to search for the cheapest insurance with the best levels of cover. As one of the country’s biggest and fastest growing courier insurance specialist, we have negotiated exclusive rates with our underwriters and you’ll have direct access to courier insurance rates that you won’t find anywhere else. Our underwriters include big names such as...
Aviva (Norwich Union), Axa and Groupama.

Can I get immediate cover?

Yes, providing you have a credit or debit card we can issue you with immediate cover, subject to normal terms and conditions. Please note that if you choose to pay by Direct Debit we will require a deposit from you, payable by credit or debit card and you will need an account that supports the Direct Debit facility.

What is the difference between courier and haulage insurance?

Both courier insurance and haulage insurance requires that the use of your policy specifies “Carriage of Goods for Hire and reward”. But there are a few differences between them both. Haulage contractors often have set contracts to whom them deliver to on a regular basis. They normally have pre booked appointments and due to this haulage contractors will know exactly what they are carrying. Courier drivers do not usually have specific contracts. Couriers will advertise and get customers for transporting one-off items. The key difference is that anyone could contact a courier...
or courier company at any time on any given day. Couriers will not always be aware of the packages they are carrying. Couriers often use vans rather than HGV’s as they are much cheaper to run and require less fuel – making it more profitable. The vans are typically up to 3.5 tonnes in weight. HGV’s are over 7.5 tonnes in weight. If you want HGV insurance or haulage insurance – for vehicles of 7.5 tonnes and above – we have a specific team and sister site for this, please click here to contact us. Or visit Along with commercial vehicle insurance you will require Goods in transit and Public Liability. Goods in transit insurance insures the merchandise which you are transporting while in transit.

What types of vehicle can I use as a courier?

Large or small vans are the most common vehicle used. Small lorries are also a popular choice Most couriers choose diesel vans for economy and engine life

When will I get my insurance documents?

You will get your insurance documents within 5 working days. We will issue an immediate cover note if necessary. Your insurance renewal documents will be sent to you automatically.

Can I use my courier no claims bonus?

Yes, you can use your no claims bonus to earn a discount off your policy InsureCOURIER have big discounts for experienced Courier Drivers – this includes any no claims bonus you have from previous courier policies.

Can I get a quote online?

InsureCOURIER can provide online quotes. Simply visit our online courier insurance quote page and submit your details. One of our expert courier brokers will receive your details, search for the best prices and contact you within 24 hours with the quote.

Can I phone you for a quote?

Yes, we’d welcome your call – freephone 0333 202 3172 Many of our customers choose to discuss their insurance quote by phone. The main benefit of a phone quote is that we can change a policy to suit your individual needs there and then, shop around, and usually provide larger discounts AND better policy cover. We are based in the UK with a specialist courier team. These experts know exactly where to go to get the right insurance for you and our large panel and exclusive insurance rates means we have access...
to market leading courier policy prices.

Replacement vehicles and claims management service

Most of our insurance policies guarantee a replacement vehicle in the event of an accident. This is a must to ensure that your livelihood and your business are covered in the unfortunate event of your vehicle being off the road. We know how important it is to keep couriers on the road and we have an excellent relationship with one of the UK’s leading accident management companies.

Courier Breakdown Cover

InsureCOURIER can provide what we believe is the most competitive courier breakdown cover available on the market today. From only £89 per year – or £8 a month – your van will be covered in the event of a breakdown. Click here to find out more or call 0333 202 3172


InsureCOURIER are one of the UK’s leading brokers, covering the whole of the UK. We are a specialist broker and our team do nothing else but work closely with courier drivers and courier companies. InsureCOURIER is part of County Insurance Consultants Ltd, who specialize in professional driver insurance. This includes HGV insurance, Fleet insurance, and also private car and van insurance. We can also provide goods in transit insurance and liability insurance. Please include these requests on our online insurance quote form. Visit our quote page which can be found in the top...
navigation bar OR CALL 0333 202 3172

What types of policies are there?

Insurance for couriers follows the traditional types of cover including Comprehensive Insurance, Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance and Third Party Only. All insurance policies will carry an excess – this is the first part of any insurance claim which you are responsible for and will have to pay if you are at fault in an accident. Typically the excess is £500 however under many circumstances we can reduce this excess to £250 or lower.

We usually advise that couriers take goods in transit insurance too.

How many drivers can I have on my policy?

The majority of policies are either insured only or Named Drivers as the costs increase as driver numbers increase. But you can have Any Driver policies if you wish.

There are several driving restrictions available to include Insured Only, Named drivers and then Any Driver over a requested age. Your quote will depend on how many drivers you have, what age they are and what no claims history they have.

If you have courier no claims bonus you will receive a substantial discount – up to 65% off the rate.

If you have private car / van no claims discount you will also receive a substantial discount – up to 65% off – this applies even if you have no claims / accidents as a named driver of another vehicle

What cover can I get?

UK courier insurance follows the traditional options:

Third Party Fire and Theft
Third Party Only

What about discounts for new courier drivers?

Large discounts if a good driving record has occurred from a private car insurance policy.
Introductory Discounts for ex-company vehicle drivers
Introductory discounts for new courier drivers or young courier drivers
We can provide competitive rates for both experienced courier drivers or new courier drivers. We also have access to specialist schemes for couriers with convictions. Please call 0333 202 3172 for more details

Is there an excess on my Courier Insurance?

The choice is yours. Your online quote form will ask what excess you are looking for. Of course, if you get a phone quote then our account handlers will advise this.

There is the option to delete the policy excess from all our courier quotes at a small additional cost. However, most couriers choose to have an excess as it keeps the premium lower.

New courier driver or new courier business – can I get cheap insurance?

Absolutely. As a specialist courier broker we are experts at getting competitive insurance rates for new courier drivers. This is especially true if you have a good driving history using private car insurance policies or company car insurance policies. Sometimes you can transfer your private no claims bonus onto your courier insurance policy.

We have access to market leading insurance prices for new courier drivers and new courier companies.

Will courier fleet insurance be the best option if I have more than one vehicle?

Courier Fleet insurance is a specialist area and we have a specialist courier fleet insurance team who deal with fleet insurance every day. Please call 0333 202 3172 or see our specialist fleet insurance website.

We can insure any fleet, any size and a variety of vehicles.

What other policies should I consider?

Public Liability Insurance for couriers can be required. If this is not included in your policy, we can arrange separate cover at a small additional premium.

Goods in transit insurance should be considered if you are a courier. This will protect you in the event of the goods becoming damaged, lost or destroyed (e.g. fire)