Courier insurance invalid without MOT certificate

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In the busy life we all need, its easy to overlook when your car or van is due for an MOT.

More than once I have tried to tax my car, only to discover that my MOT has actually expired – and I have then had a mad panic to get my car MOT’d so I can then tax my vehicle! But the consequences could be much worse – your insurance would be invalid the same day that your MOT expires as it is no longer deemed a road worthy vehicle.

For professional drivers such as couriers, checking that your van is MOT’d and making sure you renew the MOT certificate well in advance in case any work needs doing, is vital. If you were driving your van – also containing thousands of pounds worth of goods – without courier insurance or goods in transit insurance, you would be taking a huge risk. Not having a valid MOT would deem your courier insurance policy invalid and thus you would be liable for any claim!

Ignorance is not a valid excuse!!

At Insure Courier, we are happy to take a note of your MOT expiry date and vehicle tax expiry date and send you a text reminder two weeks before and one week before it is due to expire – completely free of charge!!

Of course, we’ll also save you money and give you a competitive courier insurance and goods in transit cover. Call us our courier insurance broker team on 0333 202 3172

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