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Public And Employers Liability

Here at insureCOURIER, we believe that as a business, you should be covered at all times.

Public Liability Insurance

Most couriers take an additional Public Liability Insurance policy to cover themselves (and/or their business) should a member of the public get injured as a result of their actions.

The policy is a competitive price, and the cover is £5m as standard.

Your vehicle insurance covers you for any motor accidents, and your goods in transit insurance covers any breakages to the goods you are transporting (both in and out of the vehicle).

3 examples of when Public Liability Insurance will protect you as a self-employed Courier (or business owner):

  1. A  member of the public trips over your boxes while you are unloading and injures themselves
  2. You drop a heavy parcel on someone’s leg, and it breaks their foot
  3. You scratch a car as you’re delivering a parcel, or worse still, drop a heavy object causing a dent

These incidents are not uncommon when you are rushing to ensure you complete your allocated deliveries.

The cost of the cover is relatively inexpensive, starting at around the £75 price for an annual premium giving you £1 million cover. This should suffice for a self-employed courier.

For a larger business, cover can be increased to £2 million, £5 million or £10 million.

Employers’ Liability

If you employ people, either permanent or on a part-time basis, it is UK law that you have employers’ liability insurance. This covers any injuries that your employee(s) may suffer during the course of their work.

Employing other couriers, this could be numerous – ranging from bad backs, other muscle injuries through to more serious life-threatening, driving-related injuries.

Our team at insureCOURIER are fully trained on all public liability and employers’ liability cover, so please do ask what your options are and we’ll be happy to assist.

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