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Public And Employer’s Liability

Your business needs to be protected for any eventuality, stay protected with public and employers insurance liability

Most couriers take out additional public and employers insurance liability as combined or separate policies. This covers them if a member of the public were to get injured as a result of their actions (public liability) or if one of their employees are injured, they are protected if they were to make a claim (employers liability). We can offer cover alongside your courier insurance.

Your vehicle insurance covers you for any motor accidents. While goods in transit insurance covers you for any breakages to the goods you are transporting (both in and out of the vehicle). Whilst public and employers insurance liability protects the people who you may come into contact with.

Examples of when Public and Employers Liability Insurance will protect you as a Courier:

  • If a member of the public trips over your boxes while you are unloading and injures themselves (public liability)
  • You drop a heavy parcel on someone and it breaks their foot or injures them (public liability or employers liability) 
  • One of your employees hurts their back whilst lifting a parcel as they haven’t received the correct training (employers liability)

These incidents are not uncommon when you are rushing to ensure you complete your allocated deliveries.

Our friendly team are on hand to help you and your business find the right cover and stay protected for the unexpected. Get in touch with us today for a free insurance review and see if we can save you any money, call us on 0333 202 3172 or fill in our quote form.

Did you know? If you employ people, either permanent or volunteer, it is UK law that you have employers’ liability insurance. This covers any injuries that your employees may suffer whilst at work such as bad backs, other muscle injuries, driving-related injuries and much more.