Courier insurance – use a specialist

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We would say that wouldn’t we!!

But there are good reasons behind that statement.

1) Relationships with underwriters

Imagine having a panel of the leading courier insurers within the UK and working with them on a daily basis to secure the best rates and most appropriate courier insurance policies. That’s exactly what we do

2) Buying power

With thousands of courier customers – ranging from single vehicle courier insurance to courier fleet insurance – we have substantial buying power in the market. This allows us to get the best rates available.

3) Introductory discounts

Insure Courier can get attractive introductory discounts from underwriters keen to pick up new business

4) No claims bonus up to 60% off

Discounts up to 60% are available for couriers with excellent driving history, or those that can demonstrate no claims history on other policies

5) Specialist goods in transit insurance

A key aspect to your courier insurance is goods in transit insurance – its not just your vehicle that is valuable and at risk. So are your contents!!

So for  courier insurance, call us on 0800 142 2838 or get an online courier insurance quote at our website

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