Courier Survey Results

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Insure Courier would like to thank all courier drivers who have completed our survey. You can access the survey’s results by clicking here . Insure Courier have been selling courier insurance for over 10 years now and have decided that this would be a good way to add to our already vast knowledge about courier drivers.

From the survey we conducted we found out that over 60% of courier drivers have been in this profession for over 10 years

One of the more interesting stats that we found was when we asked courier drivers how many deliveries they made a day. A massive 70% of drivers made between 1-20 drop off’s a day on average however what is probably more surprising is that 17.5% of drivers make between 80-100 drop off’s a day.

When we asked how many miles do courier drivers usually travel a courier driver stated he once travelled 400 miles to make a delivery.

Best experiences our customers have had as a courier

  • “Getting over £400 for one drop off and only spending £60 on fuel.”
  • “I meet lots of celebrities due to working for one customer who designs clothing. I once met a very well know actress.”

Worst experiences our customers have had as a courier

  • “When clients don’t appreciate how much you’re paid per job.”
  • “Other reckless, inconsiderate, stupid drivers!”
  • “Working for 15hours without stopping.”

Here are a couple of the funniest stories we were told

  • “Getting my van stuck in the snow on a certain celebrities grass verge. He wasn’t best pleased because him and his wife had to push my van out.”
  • “Trying to deliver to some posh persons house in a pitch black village or street and using your torch to try and find their premises looking like a thief in the night! Sometimes you think the person is going to come out with a shotgun and tell you to get off their land.”


We hope that you found the Courier Driver 2014 both informative and interesting. We’ll be back with another survey in 2015 to see if you’re opinions have changed. Thanks again to everyone who completed the survey.

If you are looking to insure your courier vehicle then call Insure Courier on 01270 506988. We are always happy to help!

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