Couriers Behaving Badly

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People trust couriers to get their packages to where they need to be and, although most of these couriers understand they’ve been given a big responsibility and act upon it, others… not so much. For all of you who protect your clients’ possessions: keep up the good work!

By now you’re probably used to stories about parcels being thrown on rooftops or on the bottom of broken lifts – you’ve almost certainly seen the infamous videos with couriers treating clients’ parcels with less care than they should.In this digital age where everyone can film anyone, you never know when your actions are being captured on film:


At insureCOURIER, we know our clients go the extra mile to make sure that their customer’s deliveries are in the best of care. Due to the increasing amount of complaints about couriers – mainly because of the increasing number of videos that brought this issue to light – websites were created with the goal of showcasing these bad behaviours. It can be easy for images or videos of you or your employees to be doctored, too, so having the right cover to protect your business and your reputation is more important than ever.

InsureCOURIER clients know that the best reason to properly handle your clients’ parcels shouldn’t be the fear of getting caught on camera, but the knowledge that you’re doing a good job and not breaking or damaging something fragile. Both new and regular clients can sleep safe and sound knowing their packages are in your hands.




With the sheer amount of courier companies, people choose the one who can guarantee them the best quality of service. They pay for having their goods delivered, and they are understandably upset when that service is subpar. In this new age of snap-happy smartphone users, keeping your clients happy is more important than ever for your reputation. Having quality insurance in place means that you are prepared for almost every eventuality, and that you’re ready to resolve any possible misunderstandings that may arise whether they appear online or not.


We know that InsureCOURIER clients understand that you’re being trusted with people’s important possessions and you make sure they reach their destination in one piece. It’s not the fear of turning up on YouTube that drives you, but the fact that you take pride in your work and in making people happy.


Bad behaviours like these are easily avoided, but you never know if something outside of your control might happen, so it’s important to make sure you have the right courier insurance for vans delivering those all-important parcels. If you want to know more about our services, contact us or call us for free on 0333 200 1246. You can also stay updated with our latest news on Facebook and Twitter.

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