What other cover do I need alongside my courier vehicle insurance?

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With so many insurance schemes on the market, it can be hard to know where to begin! So here at InsureCourier, we’ve summarised some of the other forms of cover you may want to consider alongside your courier vehicle insurance.

Goods in transit insurance:

While a typical courier insurance policy covers both the vehicles and people in the event of an accident, the goods which a driver is transporting are not insured unless you have goods in transit insurance.

As the courier driver, you are responsible for the safe delivery of the contents contained in the vehicle. This means that should you be involved in an incident resulting in the goods being lost, stolen or damaged, you would be liable for the costs incurred. Depending on the value of the cargo, this could potentially be thousands of pounds, if not more!

The cost of goods in transit insurance would depend on the value of the goods you wish to be covered for. For example, if you are working for an electronics company transporting high value computers, the cost of your courier insurance premium would be higher in comparison to if you were delivering something of a lower value, such as cosmetics or food.

Public liability insurance:

Courier drivers interact with members of the public regularly; at drop off points when lifting the goods out of the vehicle and even at service stations on route to delivery.

Public liability insurance covers courier drivers in the event that an accident happens involving a member of the public. An example of this is if lifting a heavy piece of furniture out of a van which poses the risk of potentially dropping on somebody’s foot or knocking over a pedestrian walking by. Public liability insurance also covers damage to somebody else’s property and possessions if they too become damaged in an accident.

The premium for public liability insurance depends on the type of trade that the business does. For example, companies who deliver heavier goods may be seen as higher risk and therefore be faced with a higher premium.

Breakdown insurance cover:

Having your vehicle break down is inconvenient at the best of times. However, for a courier driver working to the clock, it could jeopardise a whole day’s timetable.

Breakdown cover is a one-off payment made annually and covers roadside assistance and, in some cases, home start. Factors that affect the price of breakdown cover are the age of your vehicle and level of cover that you wish to have.

InsureCourier, part of the County Group are a specialist broker with a large panel of insurers covering all of the above types of insurance. For more detail, quick quote or advice on insurance discounts for new courier drivers, call 0333 202 3172.

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