What are the different types of courier insurance?

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There are three different types of courier insurance these are:

Courier vehicle insurance – Whether you use a car, van or small lorry, you depend on your vehicle more than anything else whilst at work. So in order to keep your business moving, you will require some sort of courier vehicle cover. This is where a company like Insure Courier can help by shopping the market for a competitive quotation on your behalf. Call our team of experts today on 0333 202 3173 or fill in our online form here.

Public liability insurance – can cover couriers against legal costs and compensation payments as a result of injuries or property damage to your clients, contractors or members of the public which is caused by you or one of your employees.

Goods in transit insurance – covers the goods that are being delivered from one place to another. If you are a courier, haulier or even a furniture remover then you are taking possession and responsibility of items for delivery.  This also means you have a duty of care to the items that are being delivered if they are stolen, lost or damaged then the owner of the goods will want compensation for this value.  To have Goods in Transit (GiT) insurance means you are covered for this loss.


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