Does my policy allow me to visit Europe as a courier?

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Why do I need this cover?

As you may know courier driving could take you absolutely anywhere and so this is one of the most vital questions to ask before taking out your courier insurance. Often courier work can take you into Europe, so it’s absolutely essential that your insurance will cover you here.

Is the cover I have enough?

Usually you will find that your insurance policy will cover you in Europe but not to do courier work and only providing third party cover. This could prove to be a problem. If your work requires travel to Europe at any point then you will need specific cover. Without this you would not be compensated for any damage to you or your vehicle. You also would not be able to perform any courier work at all.

What should I do about it?

If you already have cover then contact your insurer and ask which policies they offer and what cover they would suggest for work outside the UK. Brokers like insureCOURIER, who work with multiple insurers, are best suited for these requirements. We can find specific cover for travel to Europe, often at no extra cost! So when you’re due for renewal  call 0333 202 3172 or fill in our quick quote form and we can provide the cover best suited to you.

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