Don’t skimp on your goods in transit insurance

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If you’re thinking of saving a few pounds on your goods in transit insurance as part of a courier insurance policy, our advice would be to think again.

Having the right level of goods in transit insurance is important for 2 primary reasons:

1) If you don’t have adequate levels of goods in transit cover, you’ll end up paying the difference in the event of an accident or fire, and this could run into thousands

2) You can actually use high levels of goods in transit cover to your advantage when winning new business. Use it in all marketing of your courier company, as this puts you in a professional light if you proactively promote your GIT insurance cover and state that all goods transported are more than covered. Use this figure in all quotes too.

Furthermore, the difference in premium between GIT insurance for say, £10,000 compared to £20,000 is not a huge difference.

Here are Insure Courier, we’ll happily give you the different price options and recommendation for goods in transit insurance so you can make a sensible and informed choice for your courier insurance policy.

For a courier insurance or GIT insurance quote, please call us on 0333 202 3172

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