Will courier fleet insurance be the best option if I have more than one vehicle?

We believe that a courier fleet insurance policy is the best option for insuring more than one vehicle. This is because you can more easily manage and make alterations to your policy. You may also get a more favourable price with a fleet policy than with individual policies.

We have a specialist courier fleet insurance team who deal with fleet insurance every day. Please call 0333 202 3172 or see our specialist fleet insurance website.

We can insure any fleet, any size and any variety of vehicles.

What other policies should I consider?

Public Liability Insurance for couriers can be required. If this is not included in your policy, we can arrange separate cover at a small additional premium.

Goods in transit insurance should be considered if you are a courier. This will protect you in the event of the goods becoming damaged, lost or destroyed (e.g. fire)

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