Good news….Insurance for couriers….rates are softening

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You read it correct.

If you have been a courier for a few years, you’ll have been used to your courier insurance premium either rising or at best staying fairly static in the last few years. Even if you have a good claims history.

This isn’t the 100% the fault of you, or other couriers for that matter.

It is the general motor insurance market – and the recessionary trading condistions – that means that some of the general insurance losses have been passed onto couriers too.

But the good news is that the general motor insurance market is starting to soften, so this means courier insurance prices will do too.

In fact, we are starting to see evidence of this – our prices are getting cheaper, both for new business and renewals. And courier fleet insurance is getting cheaper too.

Coupled with our exclusive rates and one of the biggest courier insurance panels in the UK – we’re confident we can save you money.

Try us and see.

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