How recommending InsureCourier can benefit you

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Due to couriers being responsible for third-party goods, a lot of insurance providers will not offer unique courier insurance. Other insurers may offer the service but at a high premium cost. insureCOURIER is able to compare a wide variety of courier insurers to find you the best policy, at the best price.

Did you know you can get £50 back when you recommend us to a friend?

Satisfied with our courier insurance, want to earn some extra cash?

Recommend us to a friend and earn £50 back.

We are so proud of the quality and reliability of are insurance services that we are offering our customers a £50 reward for recommending us to a friend or family member.

It’s a win-win situation

What are you waiting for, get recommending!!!

Read more information about our RAF here: or call us on 0332 202 3172

insureCOURIER is part of the County Group, if you have any enquires about any other insurance products, feel free to contact us today visit or call 0333 202 6340

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