Increase in online sales is good news for couriers!

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Couriers have experienced increase in demand for parcel delivery

Couriers have experienced increase in demand for parcel delivery

According to recent reports, the number of online sales reached extraordinary levels over the Christmas period and early January. 

This is unlikely to come as a surprise to people such as yourselves, who may be working in the industry and coping day to day with the increasing demand for parcel delivery.

However, in times when the futures of many people’s jobs are still uncertain and finding work in the first place is challenging, UK couriers can probably feel more reassured than most with regards to their upcoming employment.

In fact, a report brought to us from IBM technology giant predicted that we saw a 16.4% increase in online sales in December compared with the same point in 2011. In addition, Boxing Day sales had also risen by an impressive 45%.

So, why are online sales increasing so dramatically?

As we all lead such busy lives, the ease and convenience of shopping online has always been a positive in the eyes of consumers.  In addition, the popularity of smartphones has made the internet even more accessible and is hugely responsible for the recent surge in sales.

With most companies now striving to introduce a mobile version of their website if they haven’t already, consumers now feel more confident than ever to make a purchase directly from a hand held device.  Mobile surfing now counts for approximately a quarter of all online traffic and even reached a staggering 33.6% on Christmas Day 2012! November also saw robust online retailing with a sales increase of 17.5% on 2011.

One of many organisations to reap the benefits of recent trends is the online grocery retailer Ocado, who experienced a revenue growth of £80m between 2011 and 2012. They admit that mobile shopping was largely responsible for this with 28 per cent of their total orders now being placed via a smartphone.

If you own a parcel delivery business or work in the industry then Insure Courier would like to wish you luck in making the most of the opportunities this situation presents!

For help or advice about regarding courier insurance, call one of our experts free on 0333 202 3172  If you aren’t due for renewal yet, inform us of the date and we’ll contact you nearer the time.


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