What insurance do I need as a new courier driver?

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As a courier driver, it is crucial that you have the right insurance in place to ensure you are fully covered in the event of an accident. Courier insurance is designed specifically for van and haulage drivers, due to the higher average daily miles and the large amount of goods being transported.

Courier insurance covers you in the event of an accident which results in damage to either your own or a third party vehicle. Courier insurance also covers you in the event of a personal injury claim; however it does not cover the cost of the cargo you are delivering in the event of an accident. This is where goods in transit insurance is applicable.

As a courier driver, you are responsible for the safe delivery of the items you are transporting, therefore if you are involved in an accident, you would be liable to pay for the cost of any damaged goods. Depending on the value of these goods, this could cost you thousands of pounds! Goods in Transit insurance not only covers damage to your cargo but it also covers you for loss and theft.

Public liability is an additional type of policy to consider when seeking full cover as a courier driver. It is important to remember that accidents can occur outside the van and can also result in injury to third parties or damage their property. For example if you are placing a piece of heavy furniture in a shop, it could easily knock something valuable over or even injure a customer in the store.

Unfortunately, where there is blame there is a claim and it is worth investing in the best insurance to ensure you are completely covered under any circumstances.

Insure Courier is a specialist insurance broker, with over 10 year’s courier experience. Our team of specialists are dedicated to finding you the most suitable insurance and are more then happy to help with any inquiries you may have. For more information or for a quick quote, call 0332 202 3172.


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