Key facts to consider when choosing a courier insurance policy

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Shopping for cheap courier insurance can be a relatively simple process if you know what you’re looking for.

So, Insure Courier thought we would provide you with some key facts to help you decide which insurance provider is offering the best deal to suit your courier service needs;

1.       Obtaining more than one quote with provide you with a comparison.   

Using an online courier insurance broker is a good way to save time on this.   They will carry out the search on your behalf and provide you with a range of different quotes from specialist courier insurance providers so that you can compare what is being offered and for what price.

2.       It is important to get the right type of insurance.

Having an unsuitable policy for your needs will only leave you out of pocket in the event of a claim. Please note that courier car insurance is different to courier van insurance.  If you think you may need haulage insurance rather than courier insurance refer to our FAQ’s section.

3.       If you carry goods for hire and reward you will need goods in transit insurance.

Weight restrictions and value limits apply so make sure the policy you select is suitable for you. High risk items such a flammable liquids will also cost more to insure.

4.       You have a duty of care to protect your employees. 

Business owners and employers are legally obliged to take out employer’s liability insurance if they have one member of staff or more.   This includes full time, part time, permanent, temporary and voluntary staff.

5.       Pay attention to the level of cover being offered.

Third party insurance will not cover repairs to your vehicle if the accident was your fault.   Couriers cover a lot of mileage and more likely to be involved in an accident than a driver of a private van or car. If you couldn’t realistically afford to replace your vehicle yourself, always opt for comprehensive cover.

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