Why do I need courier insurance?

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It is imperative that a courier driver has courier insurance to ensure that they are fully covered in the event of an accident. Courier drivers are seen as a higher risk to insurance companies, therefore, if a courier driver was to have an accident without the right level of cover, they could be liable for the cost of the damage and any injuries that incurred.

Courier insurance can be tailored specifically for car, van and HGV drivers to cover both their own and a third party vehicle, plus any personal injury claims which have resulted from an accident. Whilst the rate of the premium may seem costly, it is far cheaper to have the right insurance in place than to risk being held accountable for potentially thousands of pounds.

Why is courier insurance expensive?

Courier insurance is more costly for a number of reasons: the first being that couriers are known to make multiples stops which can accumulate a large number of miles on a daily basis. Some couriers work long hours, especially HGV drivers who drive long distances and often at night and this is also seen as high risk. Courier drivers have to adhere to a strict time schedule, therefore this is also deemed a risk because insurers understand it can be easy to make mistakes when panicked and short of time.

Can I insure more than one driver for my courier vehicle?

Yes, you can insure more than one driver for courier insurance. There are two different types of cover for those looking to add extra drivers to their policy.  The first type is a named driver policy which covers the named driver plus an additional two drivers. The additional drivers would also be required to disclose details of any accidents or convictions that they have had, which can affect the premium.

The criteria for additional drivers on a named policy is usually between 25 and 65 years old. Some companies will, however, consider insuring people outside of this age range.

The second type is an any driver policy. This option covers anybody to drive the vehicle, however  it is the duty of the policy holder to declare all of the drivers claims and convictions – failing to do so can result in the policy being revoked. An any driver policy typically works out more costly because it is seen by insurers as more risky – the more drivers insured the higher the risk of an accident.

Can I insure more than one vehicle to a policy?

Yes, you can have more than one vehicle insured under one policy. This type of cover is called fleet insurance which can take the time out of having to insure your vehicles one by one. This option is recommended for small businesses as it is efficient and it can also work out cheaper to insure your vehicles under one policy.

What other types of courier insurance may I need?

While courier insurance covers any vehicle or persons injured in an accident, it does not cover you for the cost of the goods in your vehicle if they too become damaged. As the driver, it is your responsibility to ensure the safe transportation of the goods in your vehicle, thus meaning that you are liable for the cost if they become damaged.

Goods in transit insurance is devised for courier drivers to cover the cost of any cargo that becomes damaged in transit. Depending on the value of the property you are delivering, this could amount to hundreds of thousands of pounds! Transporting expensive goods can also make a courier vehicle theft attractive, therefore goods in transit insurance also covers theft as well as loss.

Public liability insurance is essential for couriers due to the handling of goods outside of the vehicle and interaction with the public – store keepers and warehouse staff, for example. Accidents can occur when lifting the goods from the vehicle (for example – bumping into somebody and injuring them or knocking into a building) which could result in a damage claim. While this may seem like an unlikely scenario, these types of incidents do happen and it is worth investing in additional cover to make sure you are fully covered under any circumstances.

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