Pros and cons of courier driving!

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If you’re looking at becoming a courier driver but are unsure whether it’s the right profession for you, then this blog has been designed to help!

Insure Courier have over ten years experience working alongside courier drivers and firm owners. Based on our knowledge we have compiled a short list of pros and cons to help you decide whether courier driving is for you.

Pros of courier driving

Become your own boss

Whether you decide to set up your own firm or work as a freelancer you will see the benefits of making your own decisions and being in control of your own future. Any profits that you make will be yours too!

It’s no desk job

If you prefer to be on the go meeting new people then being a courier could be for you! Many of our customers spoke about their enjoyment of being on the open road and liaising with the different people they meet.

Flexible Hours

Many of our customers spoke of the enjoyment of being able to fit their work hours around their personal life. If you don’t like long distance travelling you can do local deliveries and many courier drivers start and finish early or alter their shift patterns weekly.

Cons of courier driving

Anti-Social Hours

If you’re not a morning person then being a courier might not be for you! As stated in the last point many courier drivers start and finish early or work through the night. Also many of our customers work completely different days and times so not having a structured schedule might not suit you. Some people enjoy having a hectic and varying schedule while others don’t.

No guarantee of work

If you do choose to be self-employed then you will obviously have to find your own customers and business. If you don’t find any clients then there is no business which also means you don’t get paid! Also you will have to do your own marketing, paperwork and tax returns etc.


Unfortunately, the price of diesel and unleaded is always fluctuating. You will have to pay for things like vehicle renting and road tax which certainly isn’t cheap and will come out of your profit.

If you do decide to become a courier driver then please keep Insure Courier in mind when it comes to insurance. We can guarantee good quality service and very competitive prices! Call our specialist team today on 0333 202 3172 for more information on how to set up your first policy and to discuss your cover options. Lines are open Monday-Friday from 9:00-5:30.



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