Questions to ask before choosing a courier insurance policy

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When you are looking for courier insurance, you are likely to find that there are many providers who are keen to work with you and offer you competitive pricing.

However, as your courier insurance is the most important thing you have to protect your vehicle and its occupants, finding out what is included in a policy could be crucial to the future of your business.

Top questions to consider before selecting a policy;

  • Does the policy cover all occupants and there medical bills in the event of an accident?
  • Is good in transit insurance included?  If so, what are the value, weight and other restrictions?
  • Do I need breakdown cover?
  • How much coverage do I need to replace my vehicle if an accident occurred?

A leading UK broker like Insure Courier can help you answer all of these questions plus any others you may have. Freephone 0333 202 3172 and speak to one of our advisers today!

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