Review of Courier Exchange

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Courier Exchange is an app that was has been developed to try and help independent couriers and delivery firms.


Courier Exchange is a specialist app that has been designed especially for courier drivers and delivery firms. It is has primarily been created to improve efficiency and subsequently reduce costs.


Courier Exchange has an integrated tracking system which allows companies to see where their drivers are in comparison to outstanding jobs that needs doing. This obviously enables them to send the closest vehicle to the job – saving them both time and money!


It is a tremendous app for companies or individuals that needs to cut costs and increase their profitability. Using this piece of software will obviously help to keep fuel costs down and it may also cut the amount of vehicles that the company needs.


Job notifications can be received instantly via email, mobile phone or computer; instead of having to stay in contact with all of the drivers to find out where their vehicles and outstanding jobs are.


Courier Exchange has many different subscriptions packages dependent on the type of business. By using Courier Exchange it is also possible to sub-contract to other accredited members and using the software eliminates the need of unnecessary administration and paperwork.


Finally, another great aspect of this piece of software and app is that it is live and up to date and has outstanding courier jobs from a local scale to a fully international scale too.

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