Sickness insurance for couriers

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The vast majority of couriers that we speak to are happy and value the flexibility that their self-employed status allows.

However, it’s important that your livelihood is not threatened by life’s unexpected events.  Imagine if you were off the road due to sickness or personal injury, who would pay your mortgage? How would you keep up with the payments on your courier vehicle and how would you feed your family?

Sickness Insurance                                  

Taking out sickness insurance is essential for self-employed couriers wanting to protect their income.  Luckily, Insure Couriers sister company, County Financial Services are experts in providing low cost sickness and accident insurance and have over 11 years’ experience in catering for courier drivers.

If you are unable to work due to health issues, your courier insurance policy will pay out a monthly premium to make up for your loss of earnings.* The monthly payments will continue until you’re fit enough to go back to work or if you make a recovery, until the end of the policy term which is typically your selected retirement date.

For more information or to discuss your personal requirements, call County Financial Services on 0800 210 0264 or fill out their simple online enquiry form here.

Employed by a company?

If you’re employed by a delivery firm then you will be entitled to statutory or company sick pay by law. However, if you feel that this wouldn’t stretch far enough to cover your bills and day to day expenses, then you may still want to take out an additional form of income protection.

County Financial Services can also provide great value sickness cover for employed courier drivers too. Whatever your requirements, please do not hesitiate to get in touch with them.

*Amount is subject to a limit on benefit levels.

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