Government to raise speed limit for Lorries

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The speed limit for lorries is supposedly rising on single carriageway roads from 40mph to 50mph which was confirmed by the government because of the result in savings of up to £11m a year. The 40mph speed limit for vehicles of 7.5 tons was set in the 1960s. The change in speed will remove a 20mph difference between both a lorry and a car also limiting dangerous overtaking. Lorries will  be permitted to have the same speed limit as other large vehicles such as coaches and caravans.

After this decision it is launching a consultation on a proposal to increase the speed limit for HGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicle) on dual carriageways from 50mph to 60mph. It is planned that the change for these vehicles will come to force in early 2015. Obviously, the limits that apply now will still be used until the change has been put into effect. The current speed is known to cause frustration in motorists later resulting in crashes and road accidents.

The government has also announced its intention to carry out a major study about rural road safety, linking to the speed limit for lorries and the danger that this brings. It has been said that the concept of increasing the limit to 50mph will be strongly welcomed by hauliers and their drivers. They believe that the old 40mph change was long over due because it caused unnecessary road safety risk.

Even though motorists have accepted the change with open arms, the green party has doubts. They think that the increase in speed limit will also increase the risk and severity of crashes.

The government plans are going ahead and the speed limit will be taken on by all lorry and heavy goods deliverers in the near future. For more information click here for the BBC website story.

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