Top 5 most expensive toll roads and bridges in Britain

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Getting from A to B at the smallest cost is the aim for all couriers. To make things a little bit easier, we have listed the most expensive toll roads in Britain. By avoiding some of these, you can plan your journeys accordingly and hopefully cut down on costs.

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2nd Severn Crossing (Aust, South Gloucestershire) and Severn Bridge (Severn beach, South Gloucestershire) – These two tolls are the most expensive in the country starting from £13.20 and going up to £19.80 depending on the size of your vehicle.

M6 Toll (West Midlands) – The West Midland toll will cost you £11 for a HGV and £5.50 for a car during the week. This toll has now been in place for 13 years and it’s one of the busiest in the country.

Humber Bridge (Hull, Yorkshire) – The Humber Bridge will cost you £4 to cross. When the bridge first opened in 1981, it was the longest of it’s type in the world measuring 2,220 metres but now it’s the eighth-longest.

Dartford Crossing (A282 Trunk Road, Dartford Essex) – This crossing will cost you £3 to use and it’s used by 135,000 vehicles on average each day. However, the bridge is free to use overnight.

These are the most expensive tolls and bridges in the UK, so if you want to save some money try to avoid them and make alternative routes. Also, London has a congestion charge of £11.50 per a day. This is a daily charge for driving a vehicle within the charging zone between 07:00 and 18:00.

We hope that we have made you aware of some expensive charges for when you’re driving around and helped to save you money along the way. You can also save some money by trying us for your courier insurance. We have competitive rates coupled with a friendly and efficient service. Call us on 0333 202 3172 or click here to get a quote.

If you have any other tips for cutting down costs, or have any roads to avoid, let us know on Facebook or Twitter by searching for @InsureCOURIER


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