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Top Ten Courier Insurance Tips

Delivery driver Courier Van Insurance

Top Ten Courier Van Insurance Tips

  1. Shop the courier insurance market thoroughly as different insurers are hungry for business at different times and in different areas of the country too. This is what we do best, we know exactly where to place each risk – depending on area, age, claims, driving history etc. We know where the best courier insurance rates are at any given time.
  2. If you’re new to being a courier and paying for your insurance, bite the bullet and pay the higher premium initially – then drive carefully to get some No Claims Bonus. Whilst we will work hard to get you the cheapest price, there is no escaping the fact that as a new courier on a new courier insurance policy, you will have to pay more than an established courier. Don’t courier on a normal car policy, you’re insurance will be invalid! It must be a special courier policy if you are carrying goods for hire and reward. However, disclose driving history for new drivers as insurers will give introductory discounts where available!
  1. Report an accident or claim immediately – so you can reduce the cost of the claim and minimise the period of time you have replacement vehicles, and therefore your premium won’t rise as much at renewal. Underwriters look at the total cost of the claim(s) so keep this as low as possible.
  2. Ensure your policy includes free replacement vehicle – you can’t afford to be off the road for a lengthy period
  3. Take a breakdown policy – well worth the peace of mind ranging from between £89-109 for the year. You’ll be glad of it when you breakdown, no hassle and no extortionate bills from the local garage.
  4. Don’t miss any insurance monthly payments – you’ll incur further charges from the Finance company plus it affects your credit rating
  5. Monthly direct debit annual policies are much cheaper than weekly policies – and more convenient too. Comes straight out of your bank, no hassle.
  6. Be honest with your claims history and penalty points – as this could invalidate any claim you have. There is no point in having invalid insurance!
  7. Use our recommended accident management company who are Kindertons – agreed level of service with our customers, big company with lots of vehicles and well respected
  8. Recommend your friends to insureCourier – they will thank you for it, plus you’ll get £20.