What is GIT insurance?

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If you’re a van driver, you may have heard of GIT insurance. Do you need it? Well, it is completely dependent on what you are using the van for.

Here are the top 3 categories – which include an explanation of GIT insurance

1) Private use

If you are only using your van for personal use, you’ll just need personal van insurance. This is calculated on the make and model of your vehicle, plus your (and other named drivers) driving history

2) Commercial use

If you are using your van(s) for commercial use, its important that you insure your vans for commercial use (rather than personal use only). If you had an accident, your insurance policy will be invalid if you have been using your van for commercial purposes.

Again, the insurance premium will be calculated on the make and model of your van, plus the driving experience of all the named drivers. To keep your costs low, try and restrict the number of named drivers on your insurance policy. Any driver policies tend to be expensive – but do increase your companies flexibility

3) GIT insurance (goods in transit insurance)

You will need a goods in transit insurance policy if you are carrying goods for other people. Typically, all couriers will have an insurance policy that includes goods in transit cover, or a separate goods in transit insurance policy. This covers any damage or loss to the goods while they are being transported from place to place.

If you are a courier, or courier company, don’t skimp on your goods in transit (GIT) cover. It will cost you thousands in the event of a claim if you are not properly insured. It will also give your customers piece of mind, and may result in more business.

For a competitive courier insurance quote, including goods in transit insurance policies call 0333 202 3172 for a telephone quote.

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