What is the difference between Courier Insurance and Haulage Insurance?

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You may have been shopping the market and looking at these insurances hoping for a cheaper option. Unfortunately these insurances can’t just be chosen on the price. The cover they provide actually can be very different so you will need the right one. First of all you need to know that there is a difference between being a haulier and a courier driver:

Haulier drivers’:

are usually contracted to one or more specific companies. You would know what goods you are delivering when and where, it’s usually the same journeys that are planned weeks in advance.

Courier drivers’:

role is much more varied, they can make many different trips in a day not being aware of which goods they are carrying from one day to the next.  “They advertise their services and draw in a range of different customers from day to day.” A courier driver may not need to be driving a HGV they may carry out their services in a car or a van. Given the differences between the different roles it is obvious that different insurance cover will be needed.

Haulier driver insurance

is specialised to these needs, typically hauliers carry heavy goods and so the insurance needs to be specially tailored to suit the job role of a haulier. Given that a haulier’s job role is more structured the insurance could be reduced in price if, for example the driving is done in a remote area.

Courier driver insurance

is able to cover the fact that courier drivers make multiple “drop offs” in one day and the goods in transit may vary. This insurance can be specified depending on the vehicle used for the courier work, enabling the price to decrease.

Insure Courier appreciate that both types of insurance are based on the “carriage of goods for hire or reward’. However, depending on your job role the insurance cover you require can change. You need the best type of cover to suit you, we are happy to shop the market for you and find the best cover to suit you and at a great price.

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