Why More People Are Using Couriers Over General Delivery Means

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When it comes to delivering packages, nobody does it better than a reliable courier. Competing against big branded delivery organisations like the Royal Mail may seem daunting, but trust us, more and more people are turning towards couriers to get the job done every single day!


Speedy Deliveries

There are many reasons for choosing a courier service, though speed is a great advantage. Shopping has been made faster and easier with the advancement of online shopping, meaning more and more customers are wanting ‘click of the button parcels’ delivered to them with the same amount of outstanding speed.

General delivery organisations are unable to supply the same, unparalleled speed as couriers due to the sheer number of deliveries they have to make every day (and let’s not mention the amount of strikes taking place across the general delivery services). This results in many packages being delivered weeks after their due date. When customers need a package to be delivered on time, they want to know their packages are in speedy hands.



Affordable Services

We may not be in the middle of a recession as we were a couple of years ago, but our economy still hasn’t fully recovered. Money is still tight for many households and the extortionate rate of post and packaging with certain delivery services means more and more people are looking for more affordable, efficient means of postage.

Customers adore the fixed cost of delivery you, as couriers, can offer them, instead of the overpriced service they receive from competitor services who don’t always deliver their parcels on time.


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Safe Delivery of Packages

The most important part of any delivery is the safe and secure state of the customers’ parcels. General delivery systems are unable to offer customers a consistently safe and secure service for precious and fragile parcels. As a courier, however, your expert services grant customers peace of mind that their packages are handled with the care and attention they deserve.



At insureCOURIER we understand that you’re delivering an important service to all of your customers, as such it’s not just your customers’ packages that need your protection, your vehicles also need a little TLC. While you’re travelling all over the country, delivering a service that’s second to none, we can offer you comprehensive courier insurance for vans so you can get the job done with complete peace of mind.

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