Why should you use a courier insurance broker?

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Why should you use an courier insurance broker?

Insurance brokers eh? Dodgy bunch. Take your money and give you a piece of paper!

That’s the normal response we get. But why do you need a broker and what should a good broker be doing for you?

Firstly, let’s look at what you’re looking to purchase.  A product that protects you and your assets from any losses. But with hundreds of different policy types and insurers offering different variations of these which one is right for you and protects you correctly?

Now you could spend the time and money researching this or you could employ a broker to do that for you. Chances are you employ an accountant to do your accounts and a solicitor to do your legal work.

So what benefits does a courier insurance broker bring?

1. Helps identify what your risks are.
2. Suggest options for managing your risk and how best to protect yourself from them.
3. Obtain solutions from insurers (quotes and cover options) to provide that protection.
4. Provides assistance at difficult times when claims need to be made.
5. Give you peace of mind in the knowledge that the insurance has been placed by a professional.

But a broker is just a broker, they are all the same…

That may be true of a lot of middlemen but when looking for a broker you should look for one you can work with long term. Reviewing this annually may work against you as the market soon get saturated and turned off.

A good broker can give you feedback on market conditions, how potential claims could influence future premiums, whether to go to market at the coming renewal and other factors that may affect your premium and cover options.

Find a broker you can work with, trust, have confidence in and work closely with them. This will help achieve the best results.

Why not try insureCOURIER? As part of The County Group, we are the Insurance Broker of the Year. We have a team of courier insurance specialists who will shop the market on your behalf to find you a competitive rate with excellent levels of cover. Call 0333 202 3172 or fill in our quote form and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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