Winter driving tips!

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We are all aware that the winter months are fast approaching and we have already experienced freezing temperatures. That is why here at insureCOURIER we want to make sure that all of you are prepared and are informed on what you can do to keep safe over the cold months on the roads.

  • Keep your windscreen and windows clear – the sunlight is now disappearing between 4 and 5pm, which means that if you are travelling during these time periods, you need to make sure that you can see everything. Rather than leave your vehicle in the cold overnight, before you go home for the evening, why not use a couple of pieces of newspaper or a blanket to insulate your windscreen?
  • Driving gloves – These are an effective way of staying warm without draining your battery on the road, you won’t need to use your ventral heating if you are equipped with these. Your steering wheel may become very cold over the winter period, which can cause cramp – with these gloves you will be good to go.
  • Getting stuck in the snow – As you are going to be travelling on the roads a lot, there is a risk of you getting stuck in the snow. If this does happen, stay calm and try to move your vehicle back and forth in the highest gear to gain traction. But, if this doesn’t work, you will need to call for help – it will be cold so don’t forget your emergency vehicle kit!
  • EMERGENCY VEHICLE KIT – make sure you are prepared for all scenarios and keep yourself equipped with the following:
    Mobile phone and charger
    Hazard warning triangle
    Hi-vis vest
    De-icer and a scraper
    Warm clothes
    A torch

We hope that these quick tips will come in handy over the winter period and you all stay safe whilst driving. If you would like to get in touch with us regarding your courier insurance policy, do not hesitate to call us on; 0333 200 1246.

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